Aqualis have for a number of years acted as the preferred stone floor installers from one of the UK premiere suppliers of stone flooring products.

In recent time we have extended this service and now both supply and install stone tile, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, flagstone and marble for both interior and exterior use. We install stone floors for swimming pools, kitchens, hallways, wine cellars, as well as a variety of exterior uses. Examples of our work can even be found in the renovated St Pancreas Station, London.

A well designed and installed stone floor is a desirable addition to any home. Cooling in the summer, and warming in the winter, they are as beautiful as they are practical.

Because we are both supplier and installer we are able to supply stone flooring material at 0% VAT under new tax legislation.

Beautiful stone and exceptional choice:

A stone floor is by it's very nature unique – the subtle variation in texture, the pattern, the decorative cabouchons, the polish and finish. But above all the quality of the stone determines the character of your floor.

We are very fortunate to have forged close relationships with one of the leading suppliers of luxury stone products in the UK. Not only are we able to supply exceptional quality English stone, we are also able to source from quarries in France, Italy, Egypt and beyond.

Whether you want reclaimed terracotta, antiqued limestone, mosaic or newly quarried Bath stone, rest assured we can source it in quantities small and large. Whatever the stone you choose, it will be carefully cut and finished to your specific requirements.

Careful, considered installation

Creating a stone floor that will last a lifetime requires the installer to have a firm understanding of the stone itself, the intended use of the floor, the location it's being installed in, whether it will have under-floor heating and a host of other factors.

It might surprise you to know that the cost of the stone itself it often significantly less than installation cost. This begs the obvious question. Why? Unlike many other flooring materials, stone is essentially rigid. It doesn't expand or contract easily like wood or metal, and hence a poorly laid stone floor can buckle or crack, especially if exposed to rapid variation in heat or humidity. With the popularity of under-floor heating systems your installer needs a firm understanding of the issues to ensure your floor remains beautiful and functional for years to come.

Our long experience of using stone in the harshest environment possible, the bathroom, means we've been working where water, heat, humidity and stone mix together for a very long time. We make sure than every time a stone is laid it's on a substrate that's been perfectly prepared and won't suffer from shrinkage or excessive flexing. We use heating, grouting and sealing systems that have proved themselves over the years to be robust, reliable and trouble-free. We will not make compromises that may reduce the lifespan of the floor and expose you to the risk of expensive repairs further down the line.

Stone Floor Restoration, repair and remediation:

Whilst a carefully laid stone floor can last for hundreds of years, unfortunately some buildings lead a harder life than others, resulting in stone floors need repair. Aqualis can repair damaged and uneven floors, replacing broken, poorly fitted or uneven tiles, restoring the floor to its former glories. We also carry out remedial repairs to incorrectly installed stone floors and under-floor heating systems.