Whether you're a homeowner looking for someone to design and install a bathroom in your own house, an architect or interior designer looking for exceptional quality stone bathrooms for a new build or renovation project, or a builder/developer needing to install stone bathrooms and flooring to the most exactly of standards, Aqualis will provide unmatched service and quality.

Why choose Aqualis?

Our reputation for attention to detail, expertise and integrity has been hard won over many years, and because much of our work comes through word-of-mouth recommendations, we jealously guard it. We're mindful that every single project we complete has to match or exceed the high standards our customers have come to expect from us. It's this pursuit of excellence that drives every project we do.

Working with stone also presents a unique set of challenges for even the most experienced tradesmen, and is particularly unforgiving of any mistakes that are made in the planning or installation stage. Aqualis maintain a small team of almost unrivalled experience, enabling us to design, plan and execute work quickly and accurately to the highest standards time and time again.

Working with residential home owners

We understand that making any alterations to your house can be stressful. At Aqualis we keep things simple and remove uncertainty. During the initial consultation William will visit your house, gather all the required information, your design preferences and budget. Once the design and schedule has been agreed, we will make sure that all work is coordinated with other teams you may have on-site. We supply materials, tradesmen and project manage all the work for you. At all times William will be at your disposal to discuss the progress of project.

Aqualis provide truly personal service that's simple, efficient and uncomplicated…

Working with Interior Designers and Architects

Many of our customers are interior designers or architects looking to provide their customers with stunning, unique interiors. Aqualis can assist you during the design process to design, specify and produce budgets for your clients. Our ability to source, supply and install custom made products enables you to offer a true bespoke design solution to your clients, without the overhead of having to manage it yourselves. We're also extremely responsive and flexible, able to quickly react to changing plans and specifications that may cause delays and schedules to slip with other more rigid companies.

Aqualis help designers and architects build their customers unique bathrooms, wet-rooms and stone floors - on time and on budget…

Working with Builders and Property Developers

We're increasingly in demand from building companies and property developers who are creating luxury apartments, developments or bespoke homes. We provide a turn-key solution for designing, specifying, sourcing, supplying and installing bathrooms, wet-room, stone floors and under-floor heating. Our specialist installers complete work quickly and efficiently making sure that schedules don't slip, quality is exceptional and disruption to your site is minimal. William will liaise with your architects and project managers to make sure that all work is clearly costed, delivered on time, and maintains your margins.

Aqualis make it possible for builders and developers to offer with complete confidence luxury bathrooms and stone floors of unmatched quality…